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Uğurlu Mansions have 20 standard rooms, 4 private rooms and one room for disabled persons for service. Our standard rooms, approximately 14-18 square meters, being furnished neatly, with one WC-shower, are comfortable rooms. In each room LCD television, wireless, hot water for 24 hours, room service 24 hours, kettle and tea or coffee service set are present. In some of our rooms there is cipher safe box located within the wardrobe.

* Smoking in our rooms is forbidden.

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Our private rooms of 20-25 square meters have every comfort which standard rooms are offering. In addition, big screen LCD television and sofa group are present. While our one room for disabled people has the qualities of a standard room, it is suitable for the usage of wheelchairs as well. The bathroom is furnished appropriate to the usage of disabled persons too.

* Smoking in our rooms is forbidden.

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