The complex of Uğurlu mansions is constituted of two traditional Kastamonu houses which are located in a garden of 1.38 meter square. It is surmised that the building located in the facade facing the road known as Uğurlu Mansion had been constructed between 1850 and 1860. The first owner was Taylor Mehmet Emin Ağa. He lived here together with his family until 1930s, and thereafter entrusted the mansion to his elder daughter Hatice Hanım and her husband Zühtü Bey. Hatice Hanım and her husband Zühtü Bey continued to live here together with their four children. After Zühtü Bey had passed away (1956), Hatice Hanım arranged the marriages of their children, one of her daughters and her son-in-law, her son Sait Bey and her daughter-in-law Seniha Hanım together with her grandchildren lived at the mansion until she passed away (1985). After Hatice Hanım passed away, Sait Bey and his wife lived with their four children in the mansion until 1992. After this date, the mansion almost abandoned fell into decay due to neglect and external factors. In 2003 the members of the family sold the mansion to Kastamonu Development Foundation (KKV). KKV planned to make use of the mansion according to touristic purposes, and prepared in Gazi University Restoration chair a restoration project with touristic purposes. Yet KKV decided to sell it together with some other mansions in its ownership, and in 2005 Uğurlu mansion put up for sale was bought by the art historian and tourism professional Gülsen Kırbaş.

The remaining part of the story is that of a long lasting renovation and a re-functioning porcess. The wooden kiosk, dated relatively recent, (a twentieth century traditional Kastamonu house) together with the Uğurlu Mansion located in front were subjected to a project, and the restoration of two buildings began in 2006. Right after the restoration finished in 2009, the buildings functioning as boutique hotel were restored with an exquisite care to be faithful to its authentic structure. During restoration authentic material or at least the material closest to its authenticity was made use of, and local masters worked with local techniques.

Uğurlu mansion, being an officially registered historical work of art was renovated according to the restoration project proper to its authentic structure, spatial arrangement; rooms, sofas and each and every architectural detail were neatly preserved. To arrange the building proper to its new adopted function as hotel, the only novelties added were new hygienic spaces or already present water closets and Turkish baths and cabinets were arranged according to this function. The woodworking in application was so qualified and neatly done that it might serve as an examplar in Kastamonu.

The wooden building at the back parcel, which is not registered, was restored according to the same principles, thus conclusively after the restoration it accrued new architectural characteristics as to its former state. Regarding the decoration of the mansions the traditional Kastamonu house decoration was embraced as model and the style was interpreted in harmony with the needs of a modern accommodation. Large sofas have been furnished with cedars.Textiles and hand-made rugs of natural material have been used, and all spaces of the mansions have been ornamented and decorated with authentic decorative materials from surroundings.