Kastamonu province with its 13.000 km² area includes a vast geography in West Black Sea region. Ilgaz Mountains in south and Küre Mountains in north give a mountainous and arborous outlook to the greatest part of the province The parts outside the mountainous areas consist of plains and valleys which are inundated by rivers sloping downwards. There is a shoreline between mountains and the sea. Kastamonu, with its 170 km shoreline, is the province with the longest shoreline in Black Sea region of Turkey.

The natural beauties and scenes of the province are as follows:


  • Ilgaz Mountain National Par
  • Küre Mountains National Park ( Küre, Pınarbaşı, Azdavay, Şenpazar districts )
  • Devrekâni district
  • Tosya district
  • Daday district
  • İnebolu district
  • Abana district
  • Cide district
  • Çatalzeytin district
  • Araç district and valleys

Ilgaz Mountain National Park :

Ilgaz Mountains, forming geographically the southern border of Kastamonu, compose the highest altitude together with its Hacet Summit (2600 m), which is the highest point of the mountain chain. As to the flora and fauna, the region, having an abundant natural life, is within the scope of National Park and is a natural protected area. One can ski approx. five months long during the year at Ilgaz Mountain, and for the rest of the time, the region is suitable for trekking and hiking.

In the ski center there are many hotels run by public and private sector.

Küre Mountains National Park ( Küre, Pınarbaşı, Azdavay, Şenpazar districts ):

Küre Mountains encompassing Kastamonu province from the north, are approximately 2000 m high and descend from the middle parts of the province up to the Black Sea shore at north. An important part of the Küre Mountains is within the scope of natural conservation areas and has been declared as National Park. This region is an important natural conservation area both in Turkey and in the world. It is declared by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) as one of the 10 hot regions of Europe to be protected urgently. Considering flora and fauna it encompasses countless endemic species among which there are some under threat. Küre Mountains National Park has deserved to obtain the PAN Parks certificate in 2012, which symbolizes the distinguished protected areas in Europe.

Within the borders of the national park, it is only possible to perform nature tourism and nature sports in the parts being allowed to enter. The most important places to be visited within Küre Mountains area may be enlisted as follows:


Canyon carved by the Devrekâni rivulet provides precious opportunities for nature sports’ and adventure sports’ devotees. The depth of this canyon reaches up to 1200 m, and the canyon only allows the passage of professional sportspeople. The part of the canyon within the region of Azdavay is known as “Çatak Canyon” and as “Valla Canyon” at Pınarbaşı region. It is possible to reach to the “Ilgarini Cave” at Pınarbaşı district by hiking with an intermediate difficulty level. It is possible to see relics such as burial places, chapels etc. from the Byzantines era. Besides there are “Horma Canyon” and the “Ilıca Waterfalls” as a wonder of nature formed by the water sloping down from there to Pınarbaşı district. At this exquisite setting where you can reach by an easy hiking you may swim and have a picnic without camp fire.

Devrekâni District:

Beyler Dam Lake, Balıklı Lake and Yaralıgöz forest promenade are to be counted among the natural beauties to be seen in this pretty district located in a region with thick forests.

Tosya District:

This beautiful district located in the southeast of Kastamonu together with Dipsiz Lake, another wonder of nature, which is located in a forest area 18 km away from the center, is absolutely worth seeing. There is an accommodation facility with a capacity of 32 beds in Dipsiz Lake.

Daday District:

Daday, possessing vast plains and esplanades, high pine forests and dam lakes with the former recreation facilities in Ballıdağ (now closed down) is home to various ecotourism centers, countryhotels and ranches where horse riding, training and crosscountry excursions on horseback are provided. You may lodge in these facilities and may have long rides on horseback in nature.

Bu merkezde konaklayabilir, atla doğada uzun geziler yapabilirsiniz.

Araç District:

This small and pretty district of Kastamonu provides ideal opportunities for valley tourism with its dark green valleys on varying altitudes from 800 m up to 1600 m. In the “Sıragömü” valley located very near to the district center, festivals are organized each year where vigorous crowds participate. “Oba”s are log houses, which are not inhabited today. They had been made for the villagers who were pasturing their cattle there at former times and move upwards to the valley in order to be sheltered. These “oba”s provide a very fertile potential for ecotourism.

İnebolu District:

Inebolu, this pretty coastal district of Kastamonu with its history dating back to the ancient time together with its delicious and absolutely distinctive wooden houses and slated roofs reflecting Rum (Byzantine or Ottoman Greek) architecture and with its broad coast line and its beach is an architectural and natural wonder in itself, and is totally worth seeing.

Abana District:

Abana, with its sea coast of 11 km forms one of the most beautiful coast lines both in Kastamonu and in the entire Black Sea and continues to be an important vacation place right from 1950’s. This locality where mountains and green meet the sea at coast is worth seeing especially in summer time thanks to its peculiar rock formations, fine sand coasts, fresh fishes and countless touristic facilities.

Cide District:

Cide, one of the farthest districts of Kastamonu to the center (148 km) is exquisitely suitable to swim thanks to its seamless beach of 11 km, and its coasts Gideros, Aydos, Denizkonak, Uğurlu, Çayyaka, Akbayır and Ilyasbey respectively. Besides it is the point where Küre Mountains meet the sea, blue meeting green creates an amazing carousal of nature.

Çatalzeytin Disrict:

Çatalzeytin, another locality where blue and green amalgamates, shelters the antique harbor Ginolu bay, and is of precious beauty.